Prodental, one of the leading companies in dental health industry, was established by Ahmet Kurtulmuş and Doğan Kurtulmuş in Cigli, Izmir in 1992.

On an area of 3.000 square meters, Prodental uses the state-of-the-art technology devices and systems. Prodental offered services for dental prosthesis only to foreign markets particularly to Germany in early years of its establishment; however it has initiated operations for Turkish market since 1996 upon demands of domestic dentists.

Prodental procures all of the CE certified raw materials from foreign premium suppliers. It sets up a specific operating system for any prosthesis produced and thus a specific document is used to customize the production of each prosthesis based on the raw material used. In this way, Prodental offers services to premium dentists and clinics in Austria, Belgium, Holland, and Switzerland as well as in Turkey and Germany.

By exercising the hygiene rules at the highest level, Prodental prioritizes the human health among others together with a specialist team of over 150 workers. The technical staff pays great attention to periodic health checks and training of personnel. Prodental is highly strong in administrative staff composed of financial, legal and medical advisers each specialized in their field. Prodental provides its staff with a peaceful and organized working environment and thus is able to produce any products of high standards.

Aiming at continuous innovation and development, Prodental has assumed a leading role in its field with certificates and references.

Prodental adds a new investment to existing ones each passing day, adapts itself to developing technology, and keeps the product quality high at all times to continue growing with new areas of production.

Prodental has adopted customer satisfaction and a sustainable quality at any stages as a principle since 1992 and will continue rendering local and overseas services.